Anti-Graffiti & Stains

Anti-Graffiti & Stain Protection

Much time, energy and money is expended in the removal of graffiti. Our surface sealers can be used as treatment to protect against common graffiti tagging. The sealer provides a permanent, non-sacricial (can be washed and cleaned without damaging the protective clear coating), protective barrier for many bare and painted surfaces where graffiti tagging is a problem.
  • Surfaces are protected from graffiti
  • Covalently bonds to surfaces (becomes part of the surface)
  • Can be applied over existing coatings
  • Extends asset/property life
  • Has anti-microbial properties
  • Abrasion or ablation protected

Your Anti-Graffiti & Stain Protection

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Anti-Graffiti & Stain Protection

The non-stick, repelling properties of this clear treatment prevent graffiti from attaching to the surface, making removal quick and simple. All forms of aerosol and roller-applied paint, permanent marker, ink, etc. can be easily removed using solvent or one of many graffiti cleaners without damaging the protective clear coat.

The coating forms an unbreakable bond at the molecular level with a variety of surfaces.  The result is unmatched weatherability and durability making it a top choice for municipal, commercial and industrial applications where difficult-to-reach areas such as concrete abutments, overpasses, sound barriers, underpass bridges, etc. must be protected.

It can also be used in protecting painted metal, fiberglass, signs, benches, bathrooms, interior and exterior walls, elevators, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, painted or bare masonry and concrete.