Floor Sealants

Floor Sealants

The installation of a floor sealer is optional and usually dependant on what the floor is going to be used for. It is a proven, professional grade protection against slipping, staining, corrosion, abrasion, graffiti ,UV light and microbial growth.

The benefits from applying a standard sealer are:

  • Increase the lifespan of the polished floor
  • Resistant to most liquids
  • Ease of maintenance

We also have the ability and product to install an enhanced coating that will achieve the following additional benefits:

  • Slip resistant in line with HSE and Building Regulation requirements
  • Anti-microbial for use in hygienic areas

Your Floor Sealant Requirements

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Please refer the links below for a more detailed explanation of the options.

Standard Surface Guard

Tradional guards to polished concrete provide topical barriers to some but not all staining. This is applied and burnished into the surface.Learn more

Slip Resistance

Slip resistant in line with HSE and Building Regulation requirements. Can be applied as part of the process or post applied to most surfaces.Learn more


Anti-microbial for use in hygienic areas. No maintenance required, also provides UV protection barrier and can be applied over existing coatings.Learn more

Anti-graffiti & Stain

Non-stick, repelling properties prevent graffiti and stains from attaching to the surface making removal quick and simple. Can also be post applied.Learn more